Content Marketing

We provide tailored content strategies for driving and scaling direct sales.

Strategic content marketing provides an unparalleled opportunity for businesses to net big wins in the short-term while simultaneously developing a scalable, long-term traffic stream.

Our team helps you strategise, develop, optimise, and implement effective content campaigns to drive actual sales for your business. Our experienced team has run successful content campaigns for Fortune 500 companies, and we use these same processes to help our clients drive new leads and customers.


Our clients are successful, enterprise­ level ecommerce corporations seeking to develop profitable, long-­term content marketing campaigns. We work frequently with businesses built on Magento, Demandware and Shopify Plus, and our team has unique expertise tailored specifically to each of these platforms.



Let’s get this out on the table.

Content marketing is incredibly popular right now and with good reason. Creating and curating quality content allows ecommerce businesses to achieve big short-term wins as well as sustainable long-term growth.

At the same time, countless businesses today are failing to see any measurable return from their content marketing investments. Why? Because they are leaving out the most important element of long-term growth: SEO.

Our team builds effective content campaigns by combining SEO strategy and psychology based persuasion techniques. In other words, our campaigns appeal to both Google AND the end user.

Key procedures include:

content-icon-01   Keyphrase research for pillar content

content-icon-02   Content strategy and calendar development

content-icon-03   Email automation and segmentation

content-icon-04   Social media strategy

content-icon-05   Recommendations for interactive, content events


Content Strategy & Implementation

Few things are more effective for ecommerce businesses than persistent email campaigns. Email marketing is a cornerstone of every content marketing campaign we run, and we will either build or optimise a fully automated, strategically segmented email funnel for your business.

These email funnels are used to create a feedback “loop” for your audience, repeatedly channeling visitors, leads, and past customers back to your platform.


Email Automation & Segmentation

Successful content marketing always begins with a comprehensive strategy. Our team reviews your campaign objectives, target audience, and niche opportunity in order to create a tailored, effective content strategy for your business.

In addition to strategy, we will advise you at every stage of implementation, including content creation, promotion, analysis, and optimisation. Your team will quickly learn how to create compelling, high level content that resonates with your target consumers.


Social Media Strategy & Automation

No content marketing strategy is complete without social media. Having worked with Fortune 500 brands, our team understands both the potential and limitations of social networks, and that’s why every social strategy we run for our clients is focused on maximizing impact while minimizing time and expense.

We will help you identify key opportunities for social ROI and then build automated systems to take advantage of those opportunities with minimal ongoing time investment.



We work frequently with businesses built  on Magento, Demandware, or Shopify Plus, and our team has unique expertise tailored specifically to each of these platforms.


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