Ecommerce SEO Consulting

We build scalable SEO campaigns designed for long­-term organic growth.

Our team specialises in enterprise ­level SEO solutions built for long­term growth.

Our lead consultant Carl Hendy has spent the last 13 years running global SEO campaigns for FTSE & NASDAQ ­listed clients, and we utilise that same mentality and process to help our clients rank for competitive keywords and dramatically increase their organic traffic.


Our clients are successful, enterprise level ecommerce corporations seeking to develop profitable, long-term content marketing campaigns.



Our Process

Our team has developed a field ­tested SEO system that we then tailor to each of our clients. We take you from concept to execution and set you up for long-­term “future proof” success.

While we do provide brief consulting on specific issues, our highest performing clients utilise our full­ service, end­ to ­end SEO strategy.

Key procedures include:

seo-icon-1   Full SEO audit

seo-icon-2   Keyword and industry opportunity research

seo-icon-3   Technical SEO and website architecture optimisation

seo-icon-4   Extensive backlink auditing

seo-icon-5   Mobile compliance and optimisation

seo-icon-6   Internal due diligence, including process building and team development

seo-icon-7   End­ to ­end international SEO strategy

Step 1

Full SEO Audit & Market Research

Our process begins with a full SEO audit. We take an in­-depth look at your entire ecommerce SEO strategy and identify key opportunities for optimisation.

One of the strongest pieces of our value proposition is Carl Hendy’s unique blend of technical expertise and marketing knowledge. Once our audit is concluded, Carl will sit down with you, either physically or virtually, and walk you through a detailed analysis of your business and how our team plans to improve it.

Together, we’ll discuss your key business objectives and tie them into our analysis in order to set specific, measurable, and time­ sensitive goals for your SEO campaign.

Step 2

Campaign Implementation & Automation

Once our objectives our set, our team will work with yours to implement our recommendations. We will optimise your site, build any needed infrastructure, begin running key phrase campaigns and set up automated systems for increasing your website profile.

As a boutique team, we specialise in both accuracy and efficiency. We only accept a limited number of clients at a time, allowing us to invest completely in your business. Where coaching or one­ on ­one training is required, Carl Hendy will personally work with you to educate your team and advise your stakeholders.

Step 3

Monitoring & Reporting

SEO is an ongoing process, particularly for the types of competitive key phrases our team specialises in targeting. In order to rank and continue ranking, we will develop a robust tracking and monitoring system for your campaigns.

With these systems in place, we’ll be able to track key metrics, optimise your campaigns, and understand exactly how our efforts are impacting your business. We will send focused reports your way on a regular basis, ensuring you are aware of campaign progress at all times.


We work frequently with businesses built on Magento, Demandware and Shopify Plus, and our team has unique expertise tailored specifically to each of these platforms.


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